Chris was the best choice for our family, hands down. She brought so much relief, knowledge and love during the postpartum time with both of my children. I was able to relax and take time for myself when I needed it the most. She helped out around the house by doing a load of dishes, sweeping the floors and folding laundry. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to have Chris apart of my labour and delivery with my second child, it was such a special experience. She was there when I needed her and I couldn’t be more thankful. 

Gabrielle F

Christine has been a valuable addition to our volunteer program. She is a pleasure to work with and has a professional and non-judgemental, yet friendly way about her. She is reliable, and shows up ready to be fully present and willing to help with whatever needs to be done when she commits her time to us. She gives us plenty of notice if she needs to change her availability. She is flexible, and looks for things she can do to help in a variety of situations, often before being asked. When asked to do something specific, she takes direction well, and can easily shift from one task to another, asking appropriate questions as needed.

Christine brings a warm, kind, and caring spirit that puts moms and babies at ease. Her reassuring manner makes moms feel relaxed and comfortable knowing their babies are in good hands with her. She encourages parents by pointing out positives and makes appropriate suggestions when needed in a gentle way, without making parents feel like they are being blamed or doing things the wrong way. She actively listens and shows empathy to parents facing challenges. By doing so, she helps parents come up with ideas to prioritize, organize, and think about their situations to help them move forward and gain a hopeful perspective. Whether she provides a listening ear, cuddles or plays with a baby, or acts as a mentor to a new mom, we are fortunate to have Christine volunteer with us! 

Lori Wilson R.N. Bsc.N

Community Nurse

Cradelink and Healthy Beginnings Programs