Why get a doula?

"... the purpose of receiving support at this time is not to help the baby- it is to help you. It is to support you in getting your basic needs of food, comfort, and unconditional love met, and also to support you in deepening your self-confidence and trusting in your instincts as a mother." 

The Fourth Trimester, Kimberly Ann Johnson

Postpartum Doulas

What is a Postpartum Doula?

A doula is a guide. She supports and assists you to trust your instincts. You know your baby the best. A doula is there to make sure you rest, and through rest, your body is able to heal itself faster. She watches for signs of postpartum depression/anxiety and will suggest you see your health care provider if needed. A doula is a guide, a confidante, a teacher. The doula conducts herself in a professional, and non-judgmental way. A doula provides non-medical, physical, emotional and educational support. She promotes and teaches through evidence-based information. A doula is informed to what resources are available to you.

A doula is comfort...a hug if needed, a shoulder to cry on... a hand to help, an ear to listen.

Doula Services

  • ​Makes sure you eat and well hydrated
  • Assists with baby care/comfort/sleep
  • Assists with breast and/or bottle feeding
  • Assists with multiples/preemies
  • Looks after baby while you rest or get a shower
  • Light house keeping i.e.dusting, washing dishes, laundry
  • Prepares snacks and meal prep
  • Spends time with siblings, so you can snuggle with your little one
  • Assists dad in his new role and how he fits in
  • Teaches you both how to maintain non-sexual intimacy in your relationship, as new parents, during this adjustment period
  • Suggests community resources 


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